Straight from the holler.


  by "Buck"

October 30, 2003

I'm not exactly sure what to make of it, but this is what I received from Buck this week.  Apparently the stills are smoking again in the holler.  Goddamn.  -Jeff 

Attention editor:   Due to a capacity load of fuckedupedness within my small life, I will be unable to complete my duties in producing one stellar piece of literary art for the Thursday update.

I apologize for any problems this may cause, but my continuous dealings with people of inferior intelligence (aka-dumbasses) has kept me tied up doing less important grunt work this week.   This distraction disallows my penning of another riveting revelation of what's happened in the holler this week. 

Therefore, I'm substituting an excerpt from the "Crackers Neck News" section of my old hometown newspaper as a comparable replacement.   Keep in mind it's being paraphrased from memory since I last read the "Crackers Neck News" 18-years ago...and then only about four times in my life. 

I hope this will not cause any undo hardship on the production of this Thursday's WVSR compilation and beg your understanding.   Should you decide not to be understanding, then you are perfectly free to dock this week's column fee from my paycheck and as always are free to Go Fuck Yourself.


Crackers Neck News  October 29, 1983

--Millie Palmer was visited by her sister and brother-in-law from Indiana last week.  Everybody had a nice time.

--Rhonda Bently and her new boyfriend Keith were at their grandmother's house for Sunday supper.   Mildred questioned why the two skipped church that morning.

--Estle Hartley is in the hospital again.  Gallbladder.

--Ray Carol and Ronnie Hensley have been added to the prayer list at church.

--Eva Cornett and her cousins from Kingsport; Paul his wife Ruth, their children Hubert, Nancy, and William as well as Doug Simpleton, Ray Meyers, and Peggy Flanigan and her husband John were in for a nice visit with the Dotson family over the weekend.

--Connie and Bill Ramsey will be taking their daughter, Lilly back to the University of Kenucky on Saturday.  They will not be home until Monday.

--Bess McGuire is now taking donations to pay for upkeep on the Adams Cemetary.  Any amount is fine.  So far she's raised $38.18.

--James Rhoten and his son Roger are back from an enjoyable week of deer hunting in Wythe County.  Neither got a deer, but say they enjoyed their time together.

--The Powell Valley High School cheerleaders came to the home of Essie McGuire this week selling mums for the high school homecoming.  Essie bought six.

--Maggie Sims received a call from her grandson Jake who's in the Marines.

--The Valley Garden Club meets on Friday night at Stringers Restaurant.  Discussions will center around whether to plant red or yellow roses or a combination of the two in the planters at the entrance to the ball park in the spring.

--It's been cold here.  Ralph Francis reports 19-degrees on top of the ridge Monday morning.  There was a heavy frost.

--Bill Blanton has furnished a wagon to be used in the church's Christmas Parade float.  All are welcome to an organizing and design meeting at 7:00 Thursday at Minnie Rose's house.

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